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simplicity is a mindset November 2, 2009

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Maybe there are people out there who are naturally content – unfortunately I am not one of them. I can always think of ways that my own life might be better – if this project was done, if my husband did more chores, if my baby was never cranky, if I could take a vacation. Those things are all well and good, but I get caught up in living in the someday portion of my life much to the detriment of the here and now version. As a result, I focus on the shortcomings of the present moment and I am far from content.

Simplicity is a mindset. Contentment is a choice. If you truly desire simple living, you must reshape the way that you view your world. Choose to be content with your surroundings. See the beauty in what you have. This is very much an ongoing exercise that will likely take a lifetime to master. Future posts will address how we can move towards this goal:

  1. Determine your priorities.
  2. Fight consumerism.
  3. Think of others.

What makes you content? What keeps you grounded?


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